World Lagomorph Society
World Lagomorph Society
Second International Congress “Problematic Wildlife: Conservation and Management.”
Monday, November 15, 2010

Given the huge success and interest aroused by the first edition of this conference, done in Montefiascone (Viterbo, ITALY) on 8-9 June 2007, after four years, it was decided to repeat this opportunity to meet and study, in view of cyclical event. We decided to repeat this International Congress and make it as a regular event, where industry experts can share their experiences in the various symposia proposed.

Next Congress will be done in Genazzano (Rome, ITALY) on 3-5 February 2011.

Congress will include different symposia, namely on:

1. Wind farms and wildlife

2. Wildlife and land management (agriculture, forestry)

3. Human activity, urbanization and fauna (land fragmentation, habitat erosion)

4. Management of species in protected areas and possible interventions (e.g. selective hunting , capture, etc.)

5. Invasive species and species in decline

6. Genetic characterization of vanishing species

7. Introductions, reintroductions and restocking

This Congress should appeal to all researchers, wildlife managers and enthusiastic people on lagomorphs because it will cover topics of interest, with many contributions already planned on different Lagomorph species.

Communicated by Francesco M. Angelici. Member of the IUCN/SSC Lagomorph Specialist Group