World Lagomorph Society
World Lagomorph Society
WLS aims at divulgating the literature on lagomorphs. Thus we offer a list of books and a literature database on all topics related to lagomorphs (LagDocs), giving a special focus to unpublished data. This database include: PhD and MSc thesis, unpublished technical and research reports, technical notes, open published papers, conference proceedings, book of conference abstracts, etc. All researchers, technicians and wildlife managers are invited to contribute to this database by sending a digital version of the documents they want to share and to divulgate. In the future, this database is available only for WLS members.
If you wish to contribute with a document please do so by accessing your Member Area and choosing "Submit LagDoc" from the right menu.
If you are still not a member, click here to access that page directly.
LagDocs Statistics
The WLS LagDocs database contains a total of 50 documents divided as follows:
Number of Books: 9
Number of Thesis: 3
Number of Papers: 37
Number of Reports: 1
Date of last submitted document: 25 Jan 2024

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