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A loss-of-function mutation in RORB disrupts saltatorial locomotion in rabbits 18/05/2021 Details
A Molecular Supermatrix of the Rabbits and Hares (Leporidae) Allows for the Identification of Five Intercontinental Exchanges During the Miocene 05/01/2021 Details
A single introduction of wild rabbits triggered the biological invasion of Australia 24/08/2022 Details
Ancient DNA re-opens the question of the phylogenetic position of the Sardinian pika Prolagus sardus (Wagner, 1829), an extinct lagomorph 25/01/2024 Details
Chromosome-Level Reference Genome Assembly for the American Pika (Ochotona princeps) 02/12/2021 Details
Comparing the body mass variations in endemic insular species of the genus Prolagus (Ochotonidae, Lagomorpha) in the Pleistocene of Sardinia (Italy) 31/10/2020 Details
Contribution of fossil Lagomorpha (Mammalia) to the refinement of the late Miocene–Quaternary palaeobiogeographical setting of Italy 19/07/2020 Details
CT-Informed Skull Osteology of Palaeolagus haydeni (Mammalia: Lagomorpha) and Its Bearing on the Reconstruction of the Early Lagomorph Body Plan 22/03/2021 Details
Discovery and Evolution of a Divergent Coronavirus in the Plateau Pika From China That Extends the Host Range of Alphacoronaviruses 11/11/2021 Details
Does coat colour influence survival? A test in a cyclic population of snowshoe hares 19/05/2023 Details
Eating in an extreme environment: diet of the European hare (Lepus europaeus) on Vesuvius 02/12/2022 Details
Eco-evolutionary adaptations of ochotonids (Mammalia: Lagomorpha) to islands: new insights into Late Miocene pikas from the Gargano palaeo-archipelago (Italy) 27/01/2021 Details
First approach of the life history of Prolagus apricenicus (Ochotonidae, Lagomorpha) from Terre Rosse sites (Gargano, Italy) using body mass estimation and paleohistological analysis 31/10/2020 Details
Forecast increase in invasive rabbit spread into ecosystems of an oceanic island (Tenerife) under climate change 09/02/2021 Details
Fossil Lagomorpha (Mammalia) of Italy: Systematics and biochronology 31/10/2020 Details
Habitat characteristics and life history explain reproductive seasonality in lagomorphs 16/02/2022 Details
Hare today, gone tomorrow: the role of interspecific competition in shaping riverine rabbit occurrence 03/06/2021 Details
Locomotor behavior and hearing sensitivity in an early lagomorph reconstructed from the bony labyrinth 28/04/2023 Details
Low genetic diversity and shallow population structure in the broom hare, Lepus castroviejoi (Lagomorpha: Leporidae) 18/08/2023 Details
New records and southern range extension of the Annamite striped rabbit Nesolagus timminsi in Vietnam 28/05/2021 Details
Out of Tibet: Genomic Perspectives on the Evolutionary History of Extant Pikas 28/02/2021 Details
Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus 2 (RHDV2; GI.2) in Ireland Focusing on Wild Irish Hares (Lepus timidus hibernicus): An Overview of the First Outbreaks and Contextual Review 02/03/2022 Details
Scattered woody vegetation promotes European brown hare population 20/09/2021 Details
Spillover Events of Infection of Brown Hares (Lepus europaeus) with Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Type 2 Virus (RHDV2) Caused Sporadic Cases of an European Brown Hare Syndrome-Like Disease in Italy and Spain 15/09/2016 Details
Splitting hares: Current and future ecological niches predicted as distinctly different for two congeneric lagomorphs 03/08/2021 Details
Surveillance and habitat diversity affect European brown hare (Lepus europaeus) density in protected breeding areas 21/07/2020 Details
Survival rates on pre-weaning European hares (Lepus europaeus) in an intensively used agricultural area 21/07/2020 Details
Surviving winter on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau: Pikas suppress energy demands and exploit yak feces to survive winter 31/08/2021 Details
Systematics and paleobiogeography of Sardolagus obscurus n. gen. n. sp. (Leporidae, Lagomorpha) from the early Pleistocene of Sardinia 31/10/2020 Details
Systematics, distribution, and conservation status of Dice’s cottontail, Sylvilagus dicei Harris, 1932 (Mammalia, Lagomorpha, Leporidae), in Central America 18/01/2021 Details
The evolution of white-tailed jackrabbit camouflage in response to past and future seasonal climates 24/03/2023 Details
The Legacy of Recurrent Introgression during the Radiation of Hares 04/12/2020 Details
The most ancient evidence of a diseased lagomorph: Infectious paleopathology in a tibiofibular bone (Middle Miocene) 19/07/2020 Details
The weight of fossil leporids and ochotonids: body mass estimation models for the order Lagomorpha 31/10/2020 Details
Why aren't rabbits and hares larger? 29/04/2021 Details
Why were New World rabbits not domesticated? 05/07/2021 Details
Widespread occurrence of the non‐pathogenic hare calicivirus (HaCV Lagovirus GII.2) in captive‐reared and free‐living wild hares in Europe 22/07/2020 Details